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Customer Case Studies

Unique scenarios, Unique Solutions

Unique scenarios, Unique Solutions

Product Customization to fit the business needs is key to any platform. PoDX can be customized specific to business requirements adding multiple customer dashboards and features as needed. Do refer to the different case studies which will give you an in depth view of the different usecases and if they fit for your business. The platform is extensible and hence feel free to contact us to know how we can help!

Segment: Logistics

PoDX Implementations used by different logistics partners for digitizing their core operations and automating the business.

Segment: e-commerce

Implementation showcasing how e-commerce businesses can leverage this platform to maximize their business.

Segment: Manufacturing

Implementation on how this platform can be leveraged in a manufacturing scenario.

Managed Service

Do you Prefer a fixed price, SaaS solution, with no need for your own in-house support?

Our Managed Service Offering gives you secure access to the PoDX Solution of your choice. We manage all the Maintenance and Upgrade of the Hardware, Software and Infrastructure, so you can Concentrate on Simply Growing your Business.