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Digitizing Logistics for Retail Manufacturer

Unique scenarios, Unique Solutions

Established in 1998 and part of a fortune 500 companies, the Customer is headquartered in Mumbai, India and has pan-India operations. The Customer is one of the leading players in the branded retail industry in India; primarily operates stores across multiple fashion and apparel brands with around 150+ stores across the country. The business leverages local transport network for distribution of its goods to its warehouses, which are delivered and invoiced by these delivery partners.

Lack of a non-standardized processes by each of these transporters were of key concern to the business resulting in lack of productivity and incurring avoidable expenses.

CARGOFL introduced a streamlined collaboration platform to bring all the different participants viz. Customer, Truckers &Truck Drivers on a single platform to automate the entire workflow –from Order Placement to Warehouse Delivery –bringing in significant savings and overall better experience.


Delivery across a network of 150+ stores in India, customer relies on locally available transporters (i.e. local truckers) who have reliable network across multiple cities. Each of the truckers operate and follow non-standard and varied processes which were complicated to work with.

Bills submission on a biweekly basis in paper format were often riddled with mistakes and manual corrections. On an average the customer handled approximately 300 -500 paper bills per month. This process was time consuming, ineffective and inefficient, esp. w.r.t payment cycles which were delayed by30% -50%.

Losses in the range of 2000 -3200+ hours per month were identified due to inefficient communication methods -over Phone, SMS and email.

An Optimized and standardized process and procedures to manage these challenges were sought in this slow organization to gain savings of 15% to 30% in logistics cost.


  • Non Standard and Varied Processes with logistics vendors leading to inefficient and complicated processes.
  • In efficient communication resulting in losses of large number of productive hours.


  • Single, Integrated, Multi-Tenant,Digitized Logistics Platform to streamline business processes and bring multiple vendors to a single platform
  • Automated Invoice workflow to automate invoice management and bring payment efficiencies


  • Clear cost savings by virtue of increased automation and simplified / rationalized processes bringing multiple vendors to a single platform.
  • Increased efficiency multi-fold by effective Collaboration platform and tangible reporting


CARGOFL, an AI Driven Cloud based SaaS logistics platform, was offered as a solution to digitize this complete logistics ecosystem for business-value and efficiency.

These following mechanisms were employed:

  • Single, Integrated, Multi-Tenant, Digitized Logistics Platform for customer to interact and collaborate with all their logistics vendors which covered functions ranging from -order management, accounting, billing, tracking and MI reporting.
  • Automated Invoicing Workflow was introduced for vendors to submit invoices and could be approved or rejected electronically –a fully Green initiative.
  • Augmented Analytics & Reporting were introduced to provide compliance reports on vendor SLA’s adherence to standards.
  • Vehicle tracking capability, for the customer to gain visibility into their supply chain viz. Pickup, Delivery and Routing processes.


Cost Savings: Customer observed cost savings in the range of 22% -28%, by replacing manual invoice processing with a fully digitized platform for all on-board vendors.

Efficiency Improvement: Technology enablement of all vendors and on-board on to the same platform, the collaboration effectiveness was observed to improve by almost 50% i.e. a total savings in 1000 -1600+ hours per month via the platform’s effective communication system.

Actionable Insights: With access to real time actionable insights to act swiftly on strategic and direction-able action items, customer feels empowered to make decisions based on an agile market and hence improve on competition.

Faster Innovation: As a large organization, the customer was facing challenges in terms of adopting to technological advances, even though the customer team was fast in adopting, their vendors were not able to cope up. With CARGOFL on board, their vendors are also on to an integrated digital platform enabling customers to push changes effectively and with ease.

Managed Service

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