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Enabling e-commerce Logistics

Unique scenarios, Unique Solutions

An e-commerce business focusing on the large Uniforms market for health professionals, students and restaurants.Acting as a online sales channel for a network of wholesale suppliers, the business is under pressure to deliver products in an efficient manner to meet the demand.

With demand coming-in peaks and troughs, there are multiple errors in picking and shipping of logistics operations by warehouse staffs effects online ratings, leading to poorer business.This needed to be corrected using a robust warehouse management and a logistics platform.

PoDX Logistics solution bridged their capability to reduce issues on logistics, by integrating with their WMS built into “Magento” e-commerce platform and providing a streamlined shipping experience.


Business timelines are not the same throughout the month/ year, leading to high peak times or low order times. At high peak times, there are multiple orders to be picked and shipped. Improper packing and shipping / wrong number of boxes cost more number of shipments, increasing in higher order costs.

At peak times, multiple mistakes in shipment esp. address typing leads to returns and deliveries to wrong addresses, increasing unwanted shipping costs.

Using the same logistics provider for all business segments was another issue as the costs are expensive for some global segments resulting in loss for some orders. Given the number of orders from these segments, esp., USA, the business needed to find a better alternative logistics provider. Handling software systems of more than one logistics provider increases warehouse operations complexity leading to chaos at peak times.


  • High number of errors in packing, shipping labels resulting in higher returns and wrong delivery costs.
  • Handling multiple logistics providers is a chaos at peak time for warehouse staff.


  • PoDX solution provided a single integrated system with the Magento System, to manage their logistics as a fully automated process.
  • Enabled Multi-Supplier operations from a single dashboard reducing complexity and shipping cost significantly.


  • Efficient Logistics Operations for Warehouse staff
  • Multi Supplier Integrations resulted in significant cost savings
  • With streamlined operations, increased business agility and ability to service more orders at peak business time.


PoDX Logistics Solution offereda single integrated platform with the existing “Magento”e-commerce platform using built-in plugins.

Box sizes were standardized and per-definedon the PoDX platform which seeded up the packaging selection based

Automated Logistics Order creationfor every online order on Magento, based on addresses entered by customer at Order stage, reduced any manual address typing errors, saving cost.

Choice of multiple suppliers from a single dashboard allows for streamlined order generation, documentation management, and better price selection –all with no additional training costs to the warehouse staff and with minimal overhead. Based on the volume, preferential rates for the specific zones were negotiated and implemented under the “Pricing Module” enhancing further savings.


Business was able to streamline their supply chain from warehouse management to logistics,without additional training or Operational overhead on the logistics side, as all the interaction with multiple logistics service providers were performed from the same platform and integrated with PoDX solution.

Association with Multiple suppliers allowed for efficient pricing, both in terms of savings and reduction in the product.

The overall process is now predictable and manageable resulting in better MI reporting, planning and forecasting.

Dashboard based approach to Boxes selection, also improved the number of successful orders and happy customers, resulting in more customer ratings, leading to a better success rate.

Managed Service

Do you Prefer a fixed price, SaaS solution, with no need for your own in-house support?

Our Managed Service Offering gives you secure access to the PoDX Solution of your choice. We manage all the Maintenance and Upgrade of the Hardware, Software and Infrastructure, so you can Concentrate on Simply Growing your Business.