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ePo Air and Road

All your Air and Road Logistics Orders, An efficient Logistics Order Management System on the Cloud is key for any Business’s Success

All your Air and Road Logistics Orders from Multiple suppliers - from One Dashboard

An efficient Logistics Order Management System on the Cloud is key for any Business’s Success. Access to Rates from Multiple Suppliers in a Single Click, enables to maximize Business Output by reducing Cost. Generate AWBs either leveraging Supplier Integration (or) locally as needed.

No additional Cost on Hardware for hosting Software. Next Generation Order Management for all your Logistics Needs. Available for Business Logistics & Logistics Businesses

Ready to Integrate into Existing Supply Chain, ERP, or Financial Systems with Built-In API capability. Plugins available for e-Commerce Platforms for Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce

Key Highlights

Multi-Supplier Integration

Integrates with Multiple Suppliers out of the box viz. DHL, TNT, FedEx, DPD, DTDC and more using their APIs. Generate AWBs, Arrange and Cancel Pickups.

Documents Management

Built in Integration with Cloud hosted storage e.g. Google Drive, for storing all Order Related Documents with the Order – for e.g. AWB, Customs Invoices, Customer Invoices, MSDS Certificate, etc. All historic Documents are available with a Click.

Customer Portal

Orders raised for a third party, for e.g. by Logistics Businesses for their Customers (or) eCommerce Customers, are made available using a Customer Dashboard, where they can track existing Orders (or) if permitted, raise further orders.

Included Modules

Refer Pricing Manager Built into this Product and its features. This module incerases the power of this product multi-fold making your journey through logistics efficient to achieve Operational excellence

Built in Supplier API integrations are available, which integrates with Logistics Suppliers such as DHL, TNT, FedEx, DPD, DTDC and more. Use these Supplier API integrations to streamline Logistics Operations. AWBs can be generated and Pickups booked / cancelled from your Order Dashboard without going through any additional Steps.

Integrate your eCommerce Systems (or) your Supply chain systems with PoDX platform using our Built in APIs. Documentation is available using Swagger, whcih can be leveraged to Streamline your Supply chain or Logistics Operations.

Managed Service

Do you Prefer a fixed price, SaaS solution, with no need for your own in-house support?

Our Managed Service Offering gives you secure access to the PoDX Solution of your choice. We manage all the Maintenance and Upgrade of the Hardware, Software and Infrastructure, so you can Concentrate on Simply Growing your Business.