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Innovative Solution

PoDX Logistics Platform is a Cloud-Based tech platform allowing which can be fully Integrated via APIs with your existing Systems. This automation is achieved for all logistics service sectors viz. Air Couriers/ Cargo, Sea-based Container Logistics and Trucking/Vans based Inland Logistics. This platform comes pre-integrated with multiple third Party Logistics Suppliers (e.g. DHL, TNT, FedEx etc), multiple WMS platforms (Zoho WMS, Khaos Control etc), multiple Sales Channels (eBay, Amazon, Etsy etc.) and custom e-commerce platforms (built using Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce etc).

Revolutionize your Logisitcs with State of the Art tech to take you to the new Generation.

A single consolidated platform allows for a streamlined supply chain along with exposing custom tracking view for your customers (as needed). Integration wtih your warehouse management system automates the shipping part of the picking, packing and shipping. Use our partner logisitcs marketplace – – for end to end service and support.


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