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International Container Management

Unique scenarios, Unique Solutions

A shipping business, which lets space on shipping container transported between UK and Sri lanka. Since the time they have been in operation, they have constantly increased in the number of orders. Being a volume business with clear emphasis on increasing volume, the team has been struggling with personal bandwidth to increase the number of containers shipped per month with the manual processes. With the arrival of a big order, the team started looking for investment into software solution to streamline their business and enable them for growth.

PoDX solution implemented a cloud based platform, which allowed the business to service their customers, set up a call center for order management, handle logistics document generation, implement a complete tracking solution for their customers, and provide communication to their clients reducing the business communication overhead.


With Increased orders and new business ahead there was a need to digitize the current operation, add a separate operation capability, and automate Order management and Payments.

Lack of visibility into the location of their parcels for customers, resulted in unwanted and higher number of enquiry calls resulting in negative impact to process newer orders. An effective Order tracking system was needed to allow for tracking parcels online.

All documentation associated with boxes in the Container, viz. HBLs, Manifests, MBL, KYC, etc. were being handled manually and it was a management chaos to generate, keep track of and distribute copies of the same to the right and relevant parties. A system was needed to manage these documents in a fully online, reliable and distributable way.


  • Enable operations to support new business effectively
  • Enable customers to track their parcels, and communicate Order details
  • Enable effective documentation management


  • PoDX solution provided a single multi-faceted customizable platform enabling to operationalize business
  • Enabled automated document Generation, management and handover with third parties.


  • Enabled Operations
  • Fully online tracking, reduced number of Customer calls, higher productivity, happier customers
  • Ability to take up large order multiplying revenue by 15x


PoDX Solution created a robust Cloud Hosted Platform which sufficed all the requirements demanded, including

  • Develop an Operations system, to be used by Operations team for day to day business and Order management
  • Documents storage / capture on a per Order (or) a per Container basis –for e.g. HBLs, Manifests etc. in a secure Cloud hosted storage with ability to retrieve the docs when needed (historical data)
  • Robust Order Management, managing logistics documentation including HBLs, Manifests, Customs Invoices, Customer Invoices, Labels and Receipts.
  • Developed a tracking system / print labels to track each parcel and expose the same to the customers, to allow to track parcels online.


With PoDX Platform embedded in the business operations, customer has approached a new business opportunity to multiply the number of containers handled by 10x times.

Operations team were activated across an offshore location to handle customer orders and operational activities.

Document generation, collection and management, which was one of the core business challenges were resolved.

End to End tracking was enabled which reduced the number of unwanted tracking related calls to operations, by providing customers with an online tracking link and allowed business to handle more

Managed Service

Do you Prefer a fixed price, SaaS solution, with no need for your own in-house support?

Our Managed Service Offering gives you secure access to the PoDX Solution of your choice. We manage all the Maintenance and Upgrade of the Hardware, Software and Infrastructure, so you can Concentrate on Simply Growing your Business.