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Logistics Marketplace

Unique scenarios, Unique Solutions

The customeris a 4PL and Logistics Marketplace software platform, offering businesseswith a choice ofmultiple logistics options, for Air and Road. They are a logistics start-upin UK,offering logistics servicesto different business sectors. They needed a robust application for their online presence and also to support their Offshore Logistics operations with the additional feature of “self-service” for customers embedded, so that their customers can raise and manage their logistics orders themselves.

The Solution offered provided them with a Multi-Tenant platform, which allowed them to service all their customers from a single platform, and their suppliers across multiple geographies, and more, making this solution a one stop solution for all their operational and business needs.


Logistics Operations Business proposed to explore the online route to expand the business & to simplify their current operations. The requirement was to be able to perform logistics Order management, logistics Financials management, automated Tracking and complex Pricing management, along with a platform for their day to day logistics operations.

Operations team in offshore location who perform the day to day logistics handling had to be able to:

  • Define new products (dynamic Products management),
  • Add / Configure rates to products dynamically and
  • Store documents on a per Order basis.
  • Proactively Track orders to identify delayed shipments

Also, to simplify operations business mandated the ability to manage multiple logistics partners from a single platform for e.g. DHL, TNT, FedEx etc., which will reduce the training costs, and allow for better value to customers.


  • Enable better operations management, many inefficiencies to be converted to predicable operations.
  • Simplify Orders with Multiple Suppliers, rates and documents
  • Enable to approach to newer markets using newer products


  • PoDX solution provided a single Multi-tenant Multi-faceted customizable platform to Operationalize business
  • Enabled Multi-Country Operations, with Proactive monitoring to improve service quality
  • Enabled Configurable products management & Pricing solution


  • Digitized Business –Customer acquisition,handling, Order channels and Operations.
  • Enabled efficient operations by better Product, pricing and order management
  • Ability to reach out to newer markets positioning against competitors


PoDX Solution created a Robust Cloud Hosted Platform which digitized the business Operations, including

  • Robust Order Management &Financial Management to enable Operations to perform day to day tasks.
  • Multi-Tenant Order Management–to enable Customers to Self-Service Order creation & processing.
  • Store documents in a secure Cloud hosted storage with ability to retrieve the docs when needed (historical data). Documentation management is on a per Order basis including AWB, Customs Invoices, Customer Invoices, Labels and Receipts.
  • Detailed Rates management Module, which allows the customer to perform complex pricing.
  • API Integrationwith Multiple Suppliers including DHL, TNT, FedEx, DPD etc., via APIs and provide a single platform for raising Orders and getting AWBs through streamlined interface
  • Automatic Order Tracking, allowing for proactive monitoring of delayed orders.


Powered by PoDX Platform, business operations were simplified with -more streamlined Order management, enhanced communication and documentation management.


Multi Supplier Integration enabled to perform efficient Products management, Custom Rates enforcement, and ability to better position their products against their competitors, resulting in higher sales turnaround.


Business is now able to reach out to New market segments by positioning the multi-user dashboarding capability, allowing their customers to Self-service-place, manage and track their logistics orders globally.


Enhanced Automated Tracking enabled business to perform proactive monitoring reducing customer complaints and increasing customer satisfaction.

Managed Service

Do you Prefer a fixed price, SaaS solution, with no need for your own in-house support?

Our Managed Service Offering gives you secure access to the PoDX Solution of your choice. We manage all the Maintenance and Upgrade of the Hardware, Software and Infrastructure, so you can Concentrate on Simply Growing your Business.