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Multi Supplier Integration

It is not uncommon for businesses to change their business logistics suppliers and in this process, the business has to be extra careful to understand that their business operations do not take a hit / or face issues. Also as the business expands, imagine you need newer and different logistics solutions, which might not be used in the normal course of business. For e.g. a business fully reliant on Air Couriers wishes to explore the Sea/container route for cost reduction (or) possibly the other way round for expedited delivery. Changing systems to accommodate these changes makes it complicated for any business..

Having Options in Business, keeps it prepared for uncertainity and expansion …

PodX Platform’s support to multiple suppliers – for all the different types of  logistics sectors including AirCouriers, Containers and trucking, provides this choice of options for uncertainty and expansion. This flexibility allows for an easy switch between suppliers and even sectors providing that cushion to businesses without any additional investment. This flexibility opens up a world of possibilities for expansion of business and driving forward with minimal overload.

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