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PoDX Shipping

Manage all aspects of Container Logistics including Quotes, Orders & Documents for - LCL and FCL scenarios. An efficient Logistics Operations management System fine tuned for Business Operation Teams.

Efficient Logistics Management is efficient Business Operations

An efficient Logistics Order Management System on the Cloud is key for any Business’s Success. Logistics Operations is a key element of Supply Chain Workflows for any Business. Raise quote requests from multiple suppliers, access Shipping Orders, near real-time container location tracking*,  Capture orders with multiple Suppliers (Supplier* Integrations), expose third party Dashboards – for Suppliers, Clients & Agents, In-built Documentation Management – including HBL, Manifests,  MBLs generations, upload or sharing.

Key Highlights

Container Schedule Management

Add a list of all the containers scheduled for orders, and manage orders in each of these schduled containers. Know the volume / space remaining in each of these containers in real time, as Orders are allocated to each container.

Order Management (LCL / FCL)

Manage Orders for a single customer (FCL) or multiple customers for the same container (LCL)  – manage documentation, assignment/ movement across containers, communication with clients, Agent specific dashboards, etc.

HBLs Generation / Circulation

Generate HBLs to a custom format, circulate to different clients (LCL) or share it offshore with relevant parties. Manage Historical HBLs for all the previous containers. Pass HBLs to Customers and Clients with ease.

Documents Management

Built in Integration with Cloud hosted storage e.g. Google Drive, for storing all Order Related Documents with the Order – for e.g. HBL, MBL, Manifests, Customs Invoices, Customer Invoices, MSDS Certificate, etc. All historic Documents are available with a Click.

Customer Mobile App

Reduce call noise & Improve communication with your clients by enabling them with Mobile App based realtime order information update. Capture new orders or push notifications on Order updates via Mobile App.

Managed Service

Do you Prefer a fixed price, SaaS solution, with no need for your own in-house support?

Our Managed Service Offering gives you secure access to the PoDX Solution of your choice. We manage all the Maintenance and Upgrade of the Hardware, Software and Infrastructure, so you can Concentrate on Simply Growing your Business.