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Real Business Problems > Real Solutions

PoDX Logistics Platform provides real Solutions to Real Operational problems. Logistics Service providers have a range of issues starting from simple order management, documentation generation & management, sharing of documentation with different parties in warehouses, managing remaining capacity, communicating with clients & many others. PoDX platform provides solutions to these problems with its built-in Customer and Admin Dashboards. Mapping business workflow, identifying solutions, and setting up a operational process is key to Business success / optimization. Ability to handle multiple types of Orders from the same platform enables this capability.

Understanding Operations in real life is key to a successful solution …

Day to day Operations is different for each business, and hence it is key to understand what works best for the business. Imports and exports, are handled differently by clients and sometimes even by different departments, following slightly different processes. Managing and optimizing these processes is key to understand to provide ROI from a Software implementation, resulting in reduced Cost and improved efficiency.

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